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Pezouvanis Sotiris

I am an electronics technician by profession, with an in-depth knowledge of code writing and its innovative use in Web and App Development.

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media galley android images from my apps

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Adespoto android app
Adespoto - Pet Adoptions was created in 2008 by a group of animal-lovers. A basic part of are the stray animals' adoption ads as well as found and lost animals' ads, in order to help dogs and cats find their loving home. The application for mobile phones there is now the ability to find animals in the area of the user and to send an ad from anywhere.

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Postal Codes android app
Greek Postal Codes

Search postcodes areas of Greece. With easy search write the street, city, postal code of the first letters or words. eg ATHENS athi It will display the top 50 results of your search.