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Date : 29/01/2015

Demo mysql data with angular
api RESTful service created with Slim and RedBeanPHP

is for test for localhost :P the app create automatic tables in mysql database

fields in the tables create automatic by selecting type of input in new entry

create new table navigate to localhost:8000/#!/{yourtablename}

RESTful service

Install the Slim

Download the RedBeanPHP copy in to folder of your api.

with slim and the api/index.php of files. apiurl like http://localhost/api/ or http://localhost/my_api/api/.

create database in your mysql.

edit the index.php and fix the mysql connection.

//setup the REDBEANPHP

after if you navigate to your localhost/api get array of tables of your database.


app create with lineman and angular

for my api Slim enable the config/application.js API Proxying

server: { apiProxy: { prefix:'/my_api/', enabled: true, host: 'localhost', port: 80 } }

and set the dataService path in file services.js

return $resource('my_api/api/:data/:id', {}, {});

and set the path in file rootCtrl.js



  1. git clone my-app
  2. cd my-app
  3. sudo npm install -g lineman
  4. npm install
  5. open your web browser to localhost:8000

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